Membership Forms

The Secretary, IHPA
Dear Sir,
Kindly enroll me as Life Member / Associate Life Member of IHPA
Office Address
Residance Address
Membership Fee(Mention Bank Detail)


Rs. 50.00 admission fee & Rs. 1,000.00 for the membership (Students membership Rs. 1,000.00 may be paid in installments in one calendar year). Contribution from all Life members & Associate Life Members of Rs. 500.00 after every 5 years from the date of enrollment. Annual Institutional Life Member Rs. 900.00. Institutional Life Membership Rs. 15000.00. Associate Life Membership is Rs. 1500.00 for other than Registered Hospital Pharmacists. They shall be enrolled as Associate Life Members by paying Rs. 1500.00, who enjoy all the benefits, except voting rights or holding any elected office.


The Indian Hospital Pharmacist Association
Dept. of Pharmacy,
St. Stephen’s Hospital,
Tis Hazari, Delhi – 110 054